2017 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Review MSRP Price, Interior, MPG

Dear sedan lovers, new family will come from Hyundai soon. This is 2017 Hyundai Genesis. Everyone knows that Hyundai is very popular with its sedan. This is a big company from Korea that very concerns in making new car in sedan or hatchback types. Today we are so lucky to write you the review of the car. You can read the information below about the car features, in terms of its exterior, interior, engine, and the price.

Basically, new car comes with improvements, upgrades, and changes. It also happens in the next generation of Hyundai Genesis. We can start from the exterior body. The exterior features of the car come in stylish sedan car that is very match and suitable for family use or personal use. You can find the new front grille, LED daylights, and wider cargo on the back of the car. This is so lovely to drive such car. The color is metal color with variants. It makes the car look very good and brilliant.

2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Blue
2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Blue

Genesis Interior

Now, when we have talked about the exterior body of 2017 Hyundai Genesis, we can move into the inside part of the car. This Hyundai Genesis interior has better changes from the interior parts. First, it is wider than its predecessor. Next, the seats for the passengers and driver are very comfortable because it is smoother and the leather is better so you can feel very comfortable by being in the car. The technology devices are also improved so much so it can accommodate your modern life by using the modern technology.

Genesis Engine

This newest Hyundai Genesis comes with appropriate and adequate engine for its class. Actually, Hyundai Genesis comes in a coupe design so the engine is very suitable for the coupe car. It uses the twin-turbo engine in 3.3 liters so you can feel the premium power quality in 480 hp. There is another version that uses the V6 engine in 5 liters and the car can produce power up to 420 hp. It is not much different with the other version of 2017 Hyundai Genesis engine.

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Genesis Price

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact Hyundai Genesis price. But you can refer to the previous price of the previous model since the price will not much be different in 2017 Hyundai Genesis. So, perhaps it ranges from $18,000 – $25,000. So, you can estimate the price and the time you need to collect the money to have the car. Don’t worry since the price will be reasonable for a car like Hyundai Genesis with its modern features.

So, there was the review of 2017 Hyundai Genesis. You can have imagination about what the car will be. Of course it can be much better when you can have the car and drive all over the city with the car. This is very suitable for city and family use. You can also enjoy the beautiful body of the car so your confidence will be boosted.

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