2018 Jeep Patriot Review

Patriot has been sold in the market for a few years. And this car still has the title as one of the best SUV where it has the nice combination of comfort, performance and also affordability. It is not all SUVs you can find in the market have these three combinations. And this new 2018 Jeep Patriot is introduced to complete the task of the previous model to increase the bestselling point. And it seems it is not so hard from Patriot. However, it depends on how the maker does the right sales system.

And this new Patriot also has some improvements that can surpass the previous model. It is not only about the new and modern features as well as advanced technologies that are equipped but also the batter handling that is more responsive, upgraded safety system and many more. From the design, this car looks strong and muscular too while the interior design looks excellent. This new Patriot promises more than the rivals or the buyers’ expectation. And sure, it comes with more powerful performance.

Patriot Interior

One of the most significant changes of the interior design of this new Patriot is in the space. Indeed, this new model has more spacious interior where it means there are more enough spaces for passengers. Both the dashboard and the seats are also designed with sportier appearance and sure the seats are upholstered with high quality material for the top comfort. New entertainment and infotainment features are equipped to give the passengers a different experience of driving.

Patriot Engine

For the engine, there are some options. For the base model it will be powered with 2.4 liter aspirated inline-4 engine. And it can produce 180 HP. This engine is paired with 9 speed of automatic transmission. And for the second option, it will be equipped with Fiat developed engine. It is most likely with 1.75 liter inline-4 engine. And it can make 220 HP as it uses turbocharger. Both engines are powerful enough for this new Patriot comparing with the previous model. And sure, it means it has higher performance too.

Patriot Price

As this new Patriot is will be faster and also more fuel efficient where it means this new model has all advantages than the previous model, it will has a higher price. Although the price and the release date are not yet announced officially, for the base model, as the rumors say, it will be around $23,000. And it will be released in the late of 2017 or early 2018. However, it is good to wait the official information while keeping update with some info here.

2018 Jeep Patriot has more powerful combination of performance, comfort and also affordable price. This is something makes the rivals get a difficulty in beating this new Patriot. However, it doesn’t mean the rivals will just sit and watch. Sure, they will also do some improvements to attract more buyers and surely beat other rivals. And the final decision is in your hand. It depends on what you like more. It is better to compare this Patriot with the rivals as well as read more reviews about the pros and cons.

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