2018 Jeep Renegade Review MSRP Price, MPG, Interior

As one of the automotive makers, Jeep is always offering new technologies, innovations and updates to all their car types. It is to provide the comfortable car with higher performance and better fuel efficiency. And sure, other makers also do the same therefore each maker will complete with each other. For the 2018 year model, 2018 Jeep Renegade will be launched for answering the rivals as well as the buyers’ expectation. This car is even designed excellently with the modern appearance without reducing the muscles.

Indeed, this new Renegade is awesome from the exterior design. It looks fresh and stylish. The new grille is also introduced in this new model. Besides that, the car has been upgraded with new features as well as advanced technology for providing the top comfort, higher performance and better fuel efficiency. No wonder if this car then can get the bestselling point that is higher than the previous model. And surely, it will attract more attention when this car is launched in the market by the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Renegade Interior

The interior design is roomier with more excellent display. Although the cabin may look conventional, but it is neat, clean and sure looks sophisticated with the right display. Touchscreen is also placed rightly for the driver to control the features. The seats are comfortable even for any situations. The interior design has been designed for both on road and off road experience therefore, it is really comfortable. The safety technology is upgraded for a better safety and security standard.

Renegade Engine

For engine, there are some options here. It will use turbocharged 1,4 liter inline-4 of MultiAir gasoline engine and it can generate 160 HP. This is for the base model and in the US market. Another one is with 2,4 liter inline-4 MultiAir engine and it can produce 185 HP. These engines are paired with 6 speed of manual transmission. Third, it will use 1,6 liter inline Multijet diesel engine and makes 120 HP and the last is with turbo 2 liter inline-4 MultiJet diesel and can have output 170 HP. These engines are for different markets.

Renegade Price

Unfortunately, the maker has not yet officially confirmed about the price as well as the date release. However, the rumors out there say that this 2018 jeep renegade will be priced from $18,000 to $23,000. It depends on the trim level and package of the car the buyers choose. The higher the package, the higher the price will be. And it is also said that this car will be introduced in the market by the end of 2017 or early 2018. Let’s just wait it.

It is better for you to read more reviews from others to know the pros and cons of this new 2018 Jeep Renegade as other say that this car has no excellence but surely it is improved well. It is also said that for average standard, this car is the right choice but it has no excellent option to choose. You can also compare with the rivals from the design, engine, specs and also the price. It can give you a better choice before buying.

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