2018 VW GTI Review MSRP Price, MPG, Interior


VW is still improving and upgrading all car types in this 2018 year model. Even, for GTI it has all new improvements for both the interior and exterior design. It makes the car looks sportier, younger and more stylish. This new VW GTI 2018 is upgraded from all segments. And it can make driving this car much fun and interesting compared with the previous model. It also has upgraded engine with the latest technology to provide the high power with less fuel consumption. It is also perfected with new features.

Indeed, modern features and also with advanced technologies will dominate the big change of this new GTI. The maker really wants to improve this car from everywhere to beat the rivals as well as getting more attention of the customers to buy. The exterior design is even fresher and looks sporty. It is great for young drivers. With new grille and LED headlamps, this car is truly awesome. In this new model, GTI has its own character to offer fun driving experience. It promises more expectations.

GTI Interior

The interior design looks awesome with the qualities of games car. It is sporty, stylish and fresh. There are many upgraded features inside. For the cabin, it looks modern and comfortable even in the high speed. The dashboard is well displayed with new features for controlling. Cowhide or fine leather is also offered for the seats. The steering is more responsive. And sure, both infotainment and entertainment features will bring the passenger more fun driving experience. There are also more features including for the safety technologies.

GTI Engine

This new GTI is one of the most phenomenal cars in the show as it has awesome power and great fuel economy. It will be equipped with 2.0-liter TDI motor and it is with the quality of 135kW. It is also connected with the innovation of BleuMotion for the fuel economy. And for another option is powered with 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-chamber engine. It can generate 210 HP and 258 lb ft of torque. For EPA rate, it has 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. This engine is more powerful comparing with the previous model

GTI Price

Unfortunately, either the price or the date release is not yet confirmed officially by the maker. However, the rumors say it will be launched in the market by the end of this year. And for the MSRP price, it will be around $28,000. But sure, we should wait for the official update from the maker to get the right comparison with the rivals. So, keep your update information about this new GTI here.

VW GTI 2018 can surprise the show as well as the competitors when it is firstly launched. It is because there are big changes in everywhere including the design, features and also the performance. This car is the great choice as it has good maneuverability for the city road. The drivers or passengers can also feel more comfortable with the new features and technologies inside the car. It is also more responsive.

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