Electric Cars 2019 With Fantastic Designs and Engine

Electric cars are the trend of today’s car. If you like to own an electric car you need to be more patient and need to have electric consideration before buying it. The choice for an electric car is quite limited because there are not many companies that make electric cars. If you really want to have an electric car, Tesla is the best choice among all for battery electric cars. Tesla provides more than 200 miles per charge range of cars in their products.

Best Electric Cars For 2019
Best Electric Cars For 2019

Electric Cars 2019 from Tesla

Since Tesla has been producing many electric cars in the market, this year Tesla offers Model 3 that will be produced at the end of 2017. You need to be more patient to wait the release of this car. This car is equipped with good engine performance. The car can reach up to 60 miles per hour in just six seconds. Tesla proves that they will be the company of future electric cars 2018. If you prefer something fast with electric car you need to buy Tesla Model 3.

The price for the new electric cars 2018 from Tesla is around $35,000. This car can be loaded by five passengers. They all will sit comfortable in roomy cabin size. The price is quite expensive since the size of the car will be much smaller than Tesla Model S. The company also said that Tesla will reveal a new Roadster model in 2019. Tesla will provide more choices for people who love electric vehicle.

Chevy New Electric Cars 2019

Besides Tesla, Chevy will also enter the market of electric vehicle with the new Chevrolet Bolt EV. This car is currently produced with range 238 miles per charge. The cost of this car will be around $30,000 after tax credit added around $75,000. Unlike Tesla that will soon come with different models, Chevy still manages to develop this car to be better until the launching of Bolt EV.

Audi Latest Electric Cars 2019

Audi that is well known as prestigious cars company will produce electric car system by 2019. Audi will launch the first electric SUV-based that is confirmed in January. The company plans to start the production of this car in 2018. The design of the new Audi is inspired by the company’s e-tronquattro concept that is already revealed in Motor Show Frankfurt. The new SUV car from Audi will have three motor options that are capable in fast charging.

Since you will have plenty of choices of electric car in the next year you will have more time from now to decide the best electric car for you. You can choose different ranges of electric car based on the specifications and the prices. You can decide whether you want to buy Tesla, Chevrolet or Audi electric cars. Each of car types have different specifications that you can choose based on your need. You can run fast and give good impact for the environment if you use electric car for your daily activities.