2019 Jeep Renegade Sport Review, Mpg, Price, Interior

For Jeep lovers, they might have known before that 2019 Jeep Renegade is the global car from that brand. Based on the category, this car belongs to Small SUV. What makes it enjoyable is that Jeep Renegade 2019 stays loyal for the adventurous capacities. And well, jeep is always known for it. What is the capability of 2019 Jeep Renegade? It is able to deliver the unique combination for the best and never forgotten experience of driving.

Jeep Renegade 2019 will step up and it tries as well to disregard the con and improve the pros it has got over the former models. Unfortunately for some buyers, it won’t be like the old Jeep Renegade since the look itself will not impress them a lot with new models, for instance. It is going to keep the most of its exterior models and elements just like the predecessor. Yet, some improvements over its ongoing model still are expected.

2019 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Latitude
2019 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Jeep Renegade Interior

Let’s first talk about the interior design from this new car. It has small size which will make the Jeep Renegade 2019 look very cute. The wheels are 17 inches and the decent control on the hills is there. It is also equipped with 4WD system that comes with the lower gears which is designed for the driving on the surface that is steep in the nature. This new car also offers the infotainment system that is going to be integrated with your smartphone. And this infotainment system will be consisting of the touch screen and the size of the touch screen is between 5 up to 6.5 inches. There is also a gauge display which is 7 inches and it is configurable. The rear camera is there and is very much important as a driver aid. The sunroofs are also there as a dual sunroof. What about its engine?

Jeep Renegade Engine

The engine from this car is 4 cylinder engine option which is turbocharged with 1.4 liters capacity. The power is 160 and more. If it is non turbocharged engine, it will offer you with 2.4 liters and the power is 184 HP. The 2019 version of Jeep Renegade’s smaller engine will offer you manual transmission with 6 speed only. Meanwhile, the 2.4 liters will be automatic and 9 speed.

Jeep Renegade Price

The price will be around $15,700. But the base price will be approximately $20,000. The release date is expected by December year of 2018. And what makes this car interesting and worth to wait is that it has some great competitors such as Nissan Juke and Kia Soul.

From the interior and engine that 2019 Jeep Renegade possesses, this car is almost similar to Jeep Cherokee. It is quite similar but not the same, since this car is sixteen inches shorter as well as narrower by two inches when it’s compared to the Cherokee. But it should not be underestimated since it is capable to offer some features which are offered by some big jeeps.