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It was the end of 2010 when the first version of Chrysler 200 launched in which soon the 2018 Chrysler 200 Limited is about to hit the market. The very first model back then was only an upgrade from the original 3rd generation of Chrysler Sebring. Along the years that the 200 model has spent in the car industry, it became a decent model from Chrysler in which the official version was released back in 2011 up to 2016. The car itself can be considered as one of the best midsize family vehicles in which the updates, upgrades, and changes in its 2018 version are surely worth to wait. Many things are going to be there for real for l of its fans.

Chrysler 200 Limited 2018 Blue

Chrysler 200 Limited 2018

2018 Chrysler 200 Limited Interior

Interior design is definitely one of the things to be refreshed by Chrysler for the upcoming Chrysler 200 Limited. Following the words regarding the 2018 version of the 200 Limited, there are several things to expect in term of its interior. Larger back seats for more passengers are one of the decent upgrades done by Chrysler. Meanwhile in order to maximize the entertainment sector inside the cabin, all features supporting entertainment are improved including USB-connect options within the U-connect touch screen easy interface. Safety features are also integrated in better ways for better performance.

2018 Chrysler 200 Limited Engine

The engine options for the Chrysler 200 Limited could either be a V4 or a V6. Those two engine options will be paired with a nice performing 9-speed automatic transmission type gearbox. The result of that particular combination designed by Chrysler is the better fuel economy level of 35mpg highway and 22mpg city. The fact that it is a midsize family car means that the mentioned performance is more than enough for sure.

2018 Chrysler 200 Limited Price

The limited version of any car will always be an expensive option to purchase. In this case the new Chrysler 200 Limited comes with its price of $30,000. Yet the basic version of the car could only be asking for its price of $25,000. That $5,000 difference is pretty reasonable for a limited version of a car regardless of anything else about it. The car itself may not be available just yet until mid-2018 so that anyone who wants to get to know about the car may just count on some car shows throughout the globe since it will definitely be displayed in some of those car shows.

Chrysler is not a new name in the automobile industry of the US as well as the world. There have been so many great cars produced by Chrysler one of which is the Chrysler 200. Following the approaching years of 2017 and 2018 there is a new version of the Chrysler 200 to be released with some changes to deliver a better version of the car. The so-called 2018 Chrysler 200 Limited is definitely one decent choice for those who want to own the best version of this car model from Chrysler.

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