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The sad story of previous F-150 Ranger has become the motivation of Ford car manufacturing company to boost up their product instead of feeling down. The previous generation or the predecessor of 2017 Ford Ranger got the low selling in entire the US. This was a sad story as Ford usually got good result selling for its products. Since the size is smaller than the previous car, we include it in small trucks 2017 lists. So, what are the specifications of this truck?

  • Ford Ranger review

2017 Ford Ranger Red Colors
2017 Ford Ranger Red

The presence of Ford Ranger as small trucks 2017 is the heaven for those who do not favor in big-size trucks. That is why you can choose this truck as the recommendation. But we will divide this Ford Ranger review into some parts. This will talk about the rumor of the truck. Ford made this truck because they want to get back the historical successful selling that is why the size is smaller. The engine could be diesel because there are two pipes on the back of the car. But it does not close the possibility that the truck will be hybrid also.

  • Concept

2017 Ford Ranger Orange Colors
2017 Ford Ranger Orange

The Ford Ranger concept as small trucks 2017 is that it is smaller than the Ford Mustang of the F-150 though it will be only slight. The one that makes this truck looks smaller is because the wheels have closer distance on the width. Ford also tries to improve the small size by using the lightweight material for the body. Most companies use aluminum as the outer body because it is lighter than other materials. Ford also wants to make it as a green truck by making it hybrid one.

  • Release

2017 Ford Ranger Blue Colors
2017 Ford Ranger Blue

Are you curious enough about Ford Ranger as small trucks 2017? You might think that the price could be cheaper than its predecessor because the size is smaller. But regarding to some improvements and upgrades, some people think that the price could be higher. Whether it is true or false, the company has not confirmed yet because it will released on early 2017. So, just be patient for 2017 to come but you can prepare the money from now on.

  • Specifications

2017 Ford Ranger Black Colors
2017 Ford Ranger Black

You can try to look for the images of the truck if you are very curious about the physical look. But since there is no official confirmation, you can still find the prototype of the truck. You can prove by yourself that the small trucks 2017 can be taken into consideration. Don’t hesitate yourself to know more about this truck. This truck can carry 4-5 passengers on the seats. So, there are the front and rear seats with comfortable material.

2017 Ford Ranger White Colors
2017 Ford Ranger White

There are many other small trucks 2017 that can be your recommendation but this 2017 Ford Ranger is interesting to look and know more. The improvements and upgrades found on this truck can be your booster to buy the truck once it is released next year. Prepare your money from now on so you can immediately buy the truck when it is released.

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