2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review Interior, MPG, MSRP Price

Toyota that was named as Toyoda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. The rumors say that Toyota can build one car for every 50 minutes. This should be wonderful as there is no other manufacturers can compete. Toyota also has all types of car in the market. And one of the luxurious cars they have made for 2017 model year is 2017 Toyota Camry. This is a luxury sedan with 5 passengers with sleek and extravagant design both inside and outside.

Camry is one of the bestselling cars in the market. The presence in the market is always being waited. And by new developments and new technologies and innovation inside, Toyota is sure that Camry will get the selling point as they expect. And for both the fans and buyers, Camry is never disappointing either the design or the performance. This time, new Camry will bring you new atmosphere where you can feel the comfort and the new experience of driving this luxury sedan.

2017 Toyota Camry Specs
2017 Toyota Camry Specs

Camry Interior

Camry has been improved much from the interior and sure the sleek exterior design too. For the interior design, Camry has a fascinating touch. Toyota gives a luxury perception for the first time you get inside. It is about something luxury that is combined perfectly with the advance touches with high technology and high quality material selection. The interior design looks very clean and fabulous. Furthermore there are more modern features that can indulge your eyes and feeling. The new infotainments also ensure you will have a comfortable and high class driving experience.

Camry Engine

Camry will not only provide the luxury interior and sleek exterior design without the high performance and strong engine. This car has the power that is even much better than the previous model. The new technology installed to combine the strong power with high quality efficiency. And it is powered with 2.5 liter 4cylinder engine. And it gives you 178 HP. This engine is also paired with 6 speed of automatic transmission. From the engine, you can make sure that this new Camry has a better power and performance than before.

Camry Price

Camry, with the luxury detail both inside and outside and also equipped with strong power, it has really affordable price compared with the rivals. For this new model year, Camry is not yet released the official price but it will not be far from $22.500 for the base model and $28.500 for the XLE model. Indeed, the more packages you get, the higher the price will be. But sure, the higher price or package means the better performance.

The launch of this new 2017 Toyota Camry will be in August this year to next year. And there is a rumor that this luxury sedan will be manufactured in the number 12,000 units only where it means it is in the limited edition. If you like this car or want to wait the launch, you are better to keep up to date about this sedan as it will be in the limited edition. Sure, this car deserves to wait.

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