2017 Toyota Corolla Review Engine, Interior And Price

Toyota is still consistent in manufacturing car with luxury design and detail and affordable price. Sure, it is for almost all types of car including sedan like 2017 Toyota Corolla. This luxury sedan has been improved with new look for both the exterior and interior design. The car looks aggressive and sleek. The affordable price will not make this car has low performance. It is just the opposite. This car has a complete package from the design, features, performance and price.

This is something that makes the rivals getting more difficult in reaching the position of Corolla in the market. Even, Corolla has become the bestselling name of the automotive world defeating American or European manufacturers. And this luxury sedan with special edition will be introduced in 2015 Chicago Auto Show. And before that, let’s take a look what inside the car and what under the hood of this car. When you have known, you may not wonder if this car can be the favorite one to drive to garage.

2017 Toyota Corolla Sport
2017 Toyota Corolla Sport

Corolla Interior

The interior of Corolla takes a ‘youthful’ interior. The refreshments are well displayed for the young, fresh and new look. The black interior and also with red color are creating the sporty feeling inside. It looks strong too. And surely, this luxury sedan is also equipped with the new technologies, innovation and modern features that will give you a new experience of driving sedan. You can feel the comfort as well as the fun and feeling better inside the car. All is well designed, displayed and equipped.

Corolla Engine

Surely, Corolla will not be the bestselling sedan if it only gives you the sleek exterior and sporty interior design but also for the engine and performance. This car will be planted with 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. It can generate 132 HP and 128 lb ft of torque. It is also paired with 5 speed of automatic transmission using CVT. And for the special edition, it will not be equipped with manual transmission. For the performance, it can run from 0-60 for less than 10 seconds. The top speed is 120 mph or 190km/h.

Corolla Price

For the price, there is no official information about the price. However, you can be relieved as Corolla will never give you an expensive price just like the rival. The rumors say, it will be priced higher than the current model that is priced at $19,500 for the base model and for Corolla S model; it will start from $23,000. However, you should be patient for the official release that will be announced in August and December 2017.

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2017 Toyota Corolla with special edition is rumored will be manufactured only by 8,000 units. You are better keeping up to date to know this car release date if you are waiting this car for driving to your garage. And no wonder if this car is in manufactured limited only as the design and performance as well as the price is never disappointing. You will get all advantages driving this new Corolla that is full of impressions

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