2017 Toyota Sienna Limited Review And Price

Toyota is still consistent to improve Sienna to be one of the best minivans in the market. And by high standard of comfort and safety of Toyota, Sienna can get the right predicate as one of the recommended family minivans you can drive. Furthermore, in this new model, Toyota Sienna 2017 has some improvements from the inside and outside that looks more excellent. This car promises the top solaces with fun driving experience for all families. This new model is much better than the previous.

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If you have ever ridden the previous model and you can find what you are looking for in the family minivan like the larger interior space, comfortable features and many more including strong power and performance, then you can expect more in this new 2017 Sienna as Toyota gives more features including the latest technology that connects to the internet for your fun driving experience. This car is really comfortable and so warm for all families.

2017 Toyota Sienna Limited
2017 Toyota Sienna Limited

Sienna Interior

One of the most interesting aspects of this new Sienna is about the interior design where it takes the platform of Toyota Camry. Therefore, this car has soft and modern cabin with luxury dashboard design. The interior space is also longer providing more spaces for eight passengers. There are many new and modern features with the latest technology including for the safety or security system. For the infotainment and entertainment system, you will see this car has new display, USB connection for smartphone and more. For security, there is emergency break assist, tilt and more.

Sienna Engine

Indeed, this family minivan will not be the right choice if it has no strong power and performance. Toyota knows it much better. That is why, in this new Sienna, this car is equipped with 3.5 liter V6 engine where it can produce 266 HP and also 245 lb ft of torque. And this engine is paired with 6 speed of automatic transmission. By this engine, you can drive smoothly on both highway and city. Surely, with the high performance this engine can run quietly. This car is impressive by many aspects.

Sienna Price

The release date as well as the price of this car is not yet confirmed from Toyota. However, there are many people expect this car is released in the late 2015 or beginning of 2017. And for the price, it is estimated from $25,500 for the base model to $48,000 or can be more depending on the trim level you choose. The more packages of the car, then the higher the price will be. You can also compare this car with the rivals.

Toyota Sienna 2017 can make you get surprised with the power, performance and also the design both the interior and exterior. The exterior design is even more exclusive than the previous model. And it seems, this car can answer the expectations of the buyers as well as Toyota themselves to break the previous selling point. And sure, as there are many improvements, this car deserves to be in the high class competing with the rivals.

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