2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Review, Engine And Price

Honda is one of the car manufacturers that are consistent in improving the new technologies and innovations for more comfortable car for driving. It has more powerful performance and also takes less fuel consumption. Honda is even famous with their cars that are very comfortable with high technology and friendly fuel consumption. It is just like what you can see in the new model of 2017 Honda Accord. Even, Accord has its own predicate as one of the bestselling four-door sedan in US.

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And absolutely, Accord is even one of the best family cars you can find in the market. In this new model, this car even promises much more than the previous model. The latest technologies, modern features, higher safety features and many more will be equipped in this new Accord. And to meet the eager of the fans or customers, Accord also comes with fresher and more sophisticated appearance from outside and inside. This car will never disappoint you. You can have new experience of driving this one.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Price

Accord Hybrid Interior

One of the most interesting parts talking about Accord is the interior design beside the exterior that looks sophisticated. The interior design is equipped with ultramodern design and also the latest and sophisticated technology. Honda sets Accord has the best interior design among other sedans. The seats are equipped with top quality leather for a warmth and comfort. It gets heating and cooling mechanisms. The cabin looks very extremely modern. The dashboard is sophisticatedly displayed with the latest technology features. The infotainment features are also well equipped.

Accord Hybrid Engine

Honda hasn’t confirmed about the engine of this new Accord. Yet, there is a big possibility that this car will have some options of the engines. It may come with 3.5 lt V6 engine 24-valve DOHC. It can produce 278 horsepower and 252 pound feet of torque. Second option is with the 2.4 lt 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve where it generates 185 HP and 181 pound feet of torque. For hybrid model, it will take the same turbocharger engine and uses CVT transmission. Electric motor can also take the less fuel consumption but still gives strong power with not less than 195 HP.

Accord Hybrid Price

Unfortunately, Honda has not yet released officially both the date release and the price. But, based on some rumors, this car will come in the market for the late of the next year under the price $23,000 to $34,000 for sedan model and from $24,000 to $31,000 for coupe model. However, it is good to wait for the official information from Honda. So, stay up to date by checking the latest information here. Accord deserves to wait.

From the designs of the interior and exterior, the power and performance and with the new, modern and latest features and technologies, 2017 Honda Accord hybrid deserves to take a higher place than other sedans. Accord has its own title in the market as one of the best sedans with affordable price. And this new model is expected to break the previous selling point. It seems it is not that hard for Honda and Accord to get a higher best selling point this year.

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