Awesome Honda SUV 2016 CR-V Series

The most lovable and famous of Honda SUV 2016 car is the Honda CR-V. Honda CR-V is one of the best crossover cars. The term of crossover and SUV often interchangeable because it is seemed not has so much differences. Basically, the crossover tends to be more unibody in the car architecture, and the SUV tends more body on frame in terminology. The other differences are the truck chassis is more likely to be found in SUV. Back to the Honda CR-V, this car basically has two types of wheel drive, the 2WD and AWD. These wheel drives are combined with the LX for the base model, EX, EX-L, and the Touring design together it resulting the eight different CR-V designs.

Specs And Engine

The CR-V series of Honda SUV 2016 is very captivating with the best performance offerings. The engine of this car is still using the I4 cylinder with the 2.4 L displacement and the front wheel drive system pace the speed and acceleration. This engine results 185 HP and 181 ft.-lbs. torque in all variants of Honda CR-V cars. The transmission system is using the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that is very decent and easy.

2016 Honda CRV Hybrid
2016 Honda CRV Hybrid

Honda CR-V is very economical because with only 15.3 gallon fuel capacity, it can bring you 27 miles per gallon in the city and about 34 miles per gallon in the highway. It is very awesome for such a compact crossover like this. The engine is better in 2016 Honda Pilot SUV than but not as economical as CR-V. Supporting the awesomeness of CR-V series of Honda SUV 2016, this car polished up the exterior and interior part nicely. The body and the head view are very muscular along with the molded door side. The fog light very helpful in the foggy area when the main headlight is not helping. The roof rail also can be mounted by the skis and some other material so easily.

2016 Honda CRV SUV
2016 Honda CRV

In the interior side of Honda SUV 2016, it is very modern. So many technologies that are cannot be explained in this passage one by one. The main awesome things are the sunroof feature, and expandable tailgate. The intelligent multi information display is very useful just like the personal assistance in the car. It inform you all things from the clock time, rearview display when you parking, oil indicator, until the text message. It is all possible in this car.

Honda SUV Comparison

Comparing the Honda SUV 2016 CR-V series with the 2016 Honda Pilot and 2016 Honda Crosstour will be magnificent. The Honda Pilot will definitely win the battle in maneuvering and performance because of it is carrying the better engine specification. 2016 Honda Crosstour is a so-so design and can be called as the economical car in the mid-size crossover, but it is not as economical as CR-V. What now? Interested to buy?

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