2017 Honda Pilot SUV Review Engine, Interior And Price

By 2017 model years, Honda gives some changes to almost all car types for getting more customers and beating the rivals surely. And it can be seen from the new improvements of 2017 Honda Pilot where it comes with big changes both the exterior and the interior design. It looks more perfect and excellent with stronger shoulders. And sure, this SUV has more modern features with the latest technology to provide a comfort, strong power and less fuel consumption. This can makes the rival get confused.

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The new look of Pilot can be seen from the boxy look that has been banished. Indeed, in this new model, the boxy look is disappearing and otherwise Honda gives new facelift with fresher and more modern appearance. The interior design is also lavish. It gives a higher class touch inside. The body is also bigger where it means there is more space inside. This car is also equipped with strong engine with different powers that can be selected as your budget. This big SUV is an excellent new comer for 2017 model year.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs
2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Pilot Interior

The interior design of this new Pilot cannot be ignored. This car has big body and roomier interior space where all people inside can feel more comfortable with their luggage. The seats are upholstered with top quality for the top comfort. The cabin looks very warm and modern. For the dashboard it is even more sophisticated with new features and technology. All features both infotainment features and safety systems are well equipped for providing more comfort and safety. This car is the right choice for all families. The interior design is excellent.

Pilot Engine

This new Pilot will be powered with updated V6 engine that is much stronger than before. And this engine can generate 280 HP. This is an enough power for bringing you a high speed driving experience with this big body car. It will be paired with 6 speed of automatic transmission and there is also nine speed automatic transmission in Elite models. For the fuel economy, it will take as high as 23 mpg combined. This engine is actually more than enough comparing with the body size and the rivals. It is even much better.

Pilot Price

For the price, it is depending on the level trim. For the base model, it will start from $30,875. That means for Pilot LX and for EX model, it will start from $33,310. And for Pilot Elite where it has complete packages, it will be started from $47,300. These prices are for all base type. If you take higher type then it will take higher price. And this car is still affordable comparing with the specs and performance as well as the designs and new features of this car.

2017 Honda Pilot seems will break the previous model’s bestselling point as in this new model there are more reasons for buyers to buy this car as their family car with more spaces inside and looks more excellent outside. The new features, high power and performance as well as fresher appearance with less fuel consumption can be the reason why this car should be selected as the right family car. It depends on what you like more then.

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