Cadillac SUV 2016 SRX Crossover Review

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The new Cadillac SUV 2016, the SRX Crossover, has the look which makes you mesmerized by its sculpted body. SRX Crossover can be included in the midsize SUV which can accomodate four to five persons. Cadillac is serious about this series. The SRX Crossover is one of the two newcomers in this year’s SUV market from Cadillac. SRX Crossover is covered in luxurious body which easily makes people fell in love. The body is well structured to improve the aerodynamic, but without sacrificing beauty. The jewel like headlamps will shine through the road to pave you way. One thing for sure, SRX Crossover is not just pretty facing.

SRX Crossover Quick Glance

This Cadillac SUV 2016 impresses you with its outer beauty, but you have to take a look on the inside too. This Cadillac suv 2016 interior will prove you that even a SUV can be leathered with luxurious aura. Premium materials are used to build the interior so that you could not only feel royal, but also to provide you comforts when you are riding on your vehicle. The front panel is covered in vinyl, but with touch of artisanship which you can touch the authenticity from its stitches. The front panel will act as the dock for the entertainment system, air conditioner controller, and also the multi function Cadilac Cue which can be used as you driving assistant.

2016 Cadillac SRX Redesign

2016 Cadillac SRX

SRX Crossover Interior

The interior is featured with Bose Active Noise Cancellation to reduce the unwanted sound and noises on the cabin. It is perfect for silent riding on the quiet night. The seating is covered with leather and the driver’s get special seats. The driver’s seat is featured with warmer which really useful when you are driving on the winter night. This car also featured with sunroof if you want to feel the warmth of spring time.

This SRX Crossover Cadillac SUV 2016 is capable to accomodate maximum five persons for comfortable seating. Although filled with five persons, you still have some space on the back as cargo. The back space is feature with Cargo Management System with a rail system attached to the floor to keep your luggage from falling over. The back door is power liftgate which can be openend by pressing a button.

2016 Cadillac SRX White Colors

2016 Cadillac SRX White

It can make you load and unload your luggages easily. What about the safety? It has radar on the sides which will warn you if you want to change lane. The back radar will warn you when you park you vehicle. Your parking will be assisted with additional vision camera to show you the image on your back by displaying it on the Cadillac Cue’s screen.

SRX Crossover Engine And Price

Performance wise, Cadillac SUV 2016 has 3,6 liters V6 engine packed with 308 horsepower. It is more than enough for city stroll or mountain riding. The engine’s fuel consumption is pretty high, though. The suspension will adjust with condition of the road and provides you with smooth riding. The brakes are featured with Auto Dry Brakes which will dry itself after you ride into the rain to keep your brakes dry. That’s all about our SRX Crossover Cadillac SUV 2016. What about this Cadillac Suv 2016 prices? It starts from 37,605 to 58,150 dollars. For such luxurious and high performance SUV, that price is not that high, isn’t it?

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