Luxurious BMW SUV 2016 Review

In 2016, BMW is comeback with renewal of its X3 and X5 series in the term of BMW SUV 2016. As you know, nowadays SUV style car is dominating the auto market with its compactness and wagon-like appearances. X3 SUV also sometimes called F25 car is a type of compact car. In the other hand, X5 SUV called F15 is called mid-size luxurious SUV. So, basically they are different in the purpose and price range. The next question is, are they different in performances?

BMW SUV X3 and X5 Ideas

Looking up at the specification of the BMW SUV 2016, the X3 series of SUV tend to have not-too-bad drive train under its hood. Carrying the I4 as the engine with 2 L displacement, this car is completed with the RWD drive type. Playing in the 240 HP and 260 ft-lbs torque, the contrast rpm differences make it a little bit difficult in roaring the steep road. BMW X3 2016 has the fuel capacity up to 17.7 gallon with the consumption about 21 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon in the highway. It is very economical car.

NEW BMW X3 2016
NEW BMW X3 2016

In the other side, X5 series of the 2016 BMW SUV is designed to be mid size luxurious, of course with more expensive dollar to spend. Basically, the differences between the X3 series laid on the engine specification. Jolting with I6 engine with 3 L displacement pumped out up to 300 HP and 300 ft-lbs torque. It makes this car really amazing pace in the straight maneuver. Both cars are embedded with the same 8-speed automatic transmission system along with the rear wheel drive.

NEW BMW X5 2016
NEW BMW X5 2016

The fuel side of this 2016 BMW SUV can be judged not so economical because it has the fuel capacity of 22.4 gallon but the consumption just about 19 miles per gallon in the city and 27 mile per gallon in the highway. Talking about the interior and exterior, the both series tend to have a similar design could be seen at the grille in the head view. The difference just laid on the wheelbase and in this case 2016 BMW SUV X5 has a longer wheelbase that make this car is more comfortable with the wider space in the rear passenger seats.

Price and Safety

If we talk about the safety side in the BMW SUV 2016, both car is covered with the best safety technology from BMW. Instead the airbag technology, both cars has the sophisticated navigational system supported by the parking assistance that would bring the easiness and safe drive climate in the X5 series. The price is very different, X3 sold out about 35,000 bucks and X5 is about 58,000 bucks. X5 may higher in cost but the interior technology is no jokes, because it is also supported by the rear seat DVD player. Now, you already know what BMW SUV to be picked?

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