2016 Lexus SUV RX 350 Review

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One of the best SUV in United States, Lexus SUV 2016 with its RX 350 series bares its fangs with superb features and performance. Lexus RX 350 streamlined exterior is nothing special. The exterior is sleek and well-sculpted, but that’s not the main point of this SUV. Lexus RX emphasize more on the features, technology, safety, and the day to day performances. This car promises you to bring exhilarating driving with comfort and safety. It has sophisticated system which ready to assist you. The performance is outstanding and this compact baby will serve you good for either daily driving or countryside getaway.

RX 350 Specs and Performance

The first thing about Lexus SUV 2016 features is the sophisticated Lexus Enforce. 2016 Lexus RX series is equipped with this sophisticated system which is really useful. This screen computer on the front panel will act as your guide, your safety measurement when your vehicle is stolen, and with its App Suite, you can even order tickets for movies, reserve seats on your favorite restaurant, and listening to your favorite radio channel. It also has Voice Activated Navigation System to give you convenience if you want to know the best route for your drive. It will display the information on the windshield with its Heads-Up System to keep you focus on the front.

2016 Lexus SUV RX 350

2016 Lexus SUV RX 350

The technology used on this car doesn’t stop at that. The car is equipped with Pre-Collision System and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The Pre-Collision System will help you to prevent the accident from happening. It can automatically fasten your seatbelt, charging your brakes, and even brake the car automatically if your reaction is a bit slow. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will enhance you awareness of your surrounding while you are driving by giving a real time warning about objects around your car.

Lexus SUV 2016 doesn’t have any fancy decorative for the interior and some competitor provides more luxurious interior than RX 350. The rear is spacious to store your luggage and the back door can be easily opened from inside or outside by a single push of button. The seats can be reclined and the headrest’s height can be adjusted. The seats are using fabric covering. The front seats have optional warmable seat with separate heaters. The car is equipped with Rear Entertainment System for your passenger to enjoy. The interior entertainment system is completed with built in twelve speakers ready for music enthusiasts.



Now, about the performance of Lexus SUV 2016 RX 350 is equipped with V6 engine. The engine capacity is 3.5 liter and able to produce maximum 270 horsepower. The acceleration is smooth so you can glide your way in the highway or city road with ease. The suspension is pretty soft to ensure you comfortable driving. While the steering wheel can be optionally equipped with leather trim, the numb feeling on the steer is noticeable.

RX 350 Price

Lexus SUV 2016 is packed with technological advancements, but lacking in luxuries. The exterior and interior design has nothing extraordinary. 2016 Lexus RX 350 is a car with functionality and perfect choice for you who want a car with real function and doesn’t really care about the style. The price range of this car is at 40,125 to 47.845 dollars.

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