2017 Dodge Challenger Review MSRP Price, MPG Engine, Interior

Dodge is one of the auto companies that focus on the war of power and performance without sacrificing the excellent design of the interior and exterior for the top comfort. This can be seen from almost all cars of Dodge just like the new comer of 2017 Dodge Challenger where it has retro looks that are combined with modern and sophisticated design both inside and outside. There is also more powerful engine equipped for a higher power performance than the previous model as well as for beating the rivals.

The new model of Challenger looks very handsome from the exterior design. Furthermore, it has been upgraded like LED headlights that are designed with round shape and with the upgraded technology, it will give a better visibility to any conditions. Sure, the changes are not only coming from the exterior design but also the interior design, new and modern features, higher safety system and many more. This car promises the top comfort with high performance. You will never ignore this car from your favorite car list, definitely.

2017 Dodge Challenger Review Price
2017 Dodge Challenger Review Price

Challenger Interior

Thanks to the new design of this Challenger that gives more spaces inside. The interior design is roomier for 5 people. The new seats are also very comfortable even the passengers can feel a maximal pleasure although in the high speed. The steering wheel is also more excellent with leather cover. There are also more new and modern features like Wi-Fi connectivity, safety systems, newest navigation system and many more. The cabin is also really excellent with black color domination. The dashboard looks exotic with sophisticated touches.

Challenger Engine

And talking this car will never reach the end if we don’t talk about the engine. Unfortunately, the maker has not yet released the official information about the engine. However, there is a big possibility as the expectations from the fans if this car will equip the same power as the new Charger. It will be equipped with 6.2 liter V8 engine where it can deliver 600 HP. There is also a rumor that says this car will be equipped with Hellcat V8 engine where it can add stronger power by 100 HP. And this engine will be paired with 6 speed manual or 8 speed automatic transmission.

Challenger Price

Both the price and the release date are not yet confirmed. But, based on some reviews and rumors, this car will be launched in the middle of 2017. And for the price, it is estimated more than $55,000. Sure, it depends on the package too. This higher the package, the higher the price will be. However, it is just an estimation based on the reviews or rumors out there. You still need to wait the official information from the maker.

Indeed, although the official information about the launch of 2017 Dodge Challenger is not yet released from the maker, the fans or the buyers have been enthusiastic to wait this car on the road. And it seems the rivals will also wait for the first launch of this new Challenger. The maker seems really confident to beat the rivals and expect a higher best selling point for this new Challenger. It is awesome car you should wait.

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